Our Story

Hi there! My name is Christine - I am a mother of two (Max & Olivia) & we currently reside in the Kawartha Lakes, ON.

I am a Registered Nurse, however I have been taking time off to spend time raising our children which I am so grateful to be able to do!

max + liv began as a hobby during my maternity leave with Olivia in 2018. I had difficulty finding a local company who made baby headwraps so I decided to begin making my own. With the unending support of my husband and family this little hobby blossomed into a small business and I started making other accessories, the most popular being hair scrunchies. 

I choose each and every fabric, always from small Canadian fabric shops.

I wash, cut, pin, sew, and package every single order. 

Shopping small means you are purchasing from a real person who puts their heart into their products. 

When you purchase from max + liv this is who you are supporting - a young, outdoors loving, small town family.